OCDj aka Paul Jose Almeida

DJ Paul Jose Almeida - Adegas Bedfordview
New Years Eve @ Adegas Bedfordview
Paul Jose Almeida aka OCDj started to DJ at the ripe age of 13, microphone in one hand, seven inch in the other and a 12 inch press of Now Thats What I call Music 3 on the turntable, thats of course when you could still get seven singles.  As an experienced and versatile mobile DJ, Paul keeps the dance floor full by reading his audience’s body language and expression.  The right music choice is essential and so is timing, for example, when I DJ at a wedding, birthday party, commercial or corporate event the music must be pleasing to all ages of the guests and diversities of cultures, so an eclectic selection from the decades of recorded music may be selected as well as keeping up to date with the latest commercial music.
Club DJ’ing is slightly different, where the music is seasonal, so I keep my sets fresh and up to date with the latest tracks as well as playing the less commercially known club classics and anthems.
Paul makes use of his microphone, interacting with his audience and encouraging participation from all guests.  Today he keeps his turntables spinning while playing the appropriate music at all types of functions including weddings, birthdays, corporate events, Christmas parties and New Year functions at venues all around the country.
Also a producer of House and Trance music, playing at house parties, concerts and night clubs, he always fills the dance floor with dancing feet, while playing the best electro, house, trance and tech flavour, mixed together with his own productions, thus entertaining guests with clever euphoric melodies and uplifting soulful vocals, base lines and beats.

 DJ Zac Almeida

 Zac Almeida started as a mobile DJ in 1969 and has performed all over the country earning him over 40 years of experience with an excellent knowledge of music ranging throughout the 60’s right to modern day house music and time code vinyl advanced DJ computer systems.  Zac is also a qualified electronics and sound engineer, so all of our equipment is kept in perfect working order and quality.
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