Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How long have you been DJing?

Zac Almeida started DJing in Zimbabwe 1969, and now here in SA.  He has performed all over the country with Zactone Disco and has been DJing for over 40 years now.
Paul J Almeida started Djing professionally in 1991 as a DJ playing at wedding receptions and many other types of functions, including 21st, 40th and 50th Birthday Parties, Nightclubs, theme radio advertised planned mass event sunrise parties and Corporate functions.

2.  Have you played at wedding receptions before?

Silvermoon Discos’ Dj’s have played at thousands of functions including wedding receptions at hundreds of venues.

3.  Are you a professional or is it your weekend hobby?

We are professional full time DJ’s, our company equipment is of the highest professional quality and is set up and maintained by our qualified engineers.

4.  Did you get any sort of official training?

We are qualified Producer DJs, sound engineers, electronic and system architects by trade.

5.  Is your music on disc or on a laptop?

Since CD’s and vinyl’s have become obsolete, we have moved to a complete digital platform.  Our extensive library of music is kept on hard drive and accessed using a laptop.  This is all controlled with timecode vinyl/cd or midi controller. We use turntables and professional Dj software Traktor Pro and pro hardware NI DJ Audio 8 and ADJ VMS4, these are robust and reliable professional audio playback platforms.
A backup hard drive of the music collection as well as a backup laptop is always available at each function.  This ensures that music will be available all night and on demand.

6.  How big is your song library? Will this get tailored depending on requirements, the crowd etc?

We have a collection of over 90 000 songs to choose from and our library consists of music from the 60s, right through the decades to today’s top 40, Commercial and House Music.

Every event is tailored to the unique requirements of every client.
For a wedding we arrange a pre function meeting with the Bride and Groom to discuss music and schedule including the following:

  • Reception walk in song
  • Groom’s Speech song
  • First Dance
  • Song Favourites
  • Cutting of the Cake
  • Throwing of the Bouquet
  • Throwing of the Garter
  • Honeymoon / leaving Song

Our DJ’s also play requests that guests may ask for on the evening, so our song library is kept up to date with the latest commercial music and all the latest hits as well as music from the decades.
Other things to discuss may be things like chapel service sound, microphones for speeches and dance floor arrangements.

7.  Lighting: what sort of lighting do you offer?

We offer at least 3 effect lights as standard.  Please see our equipment page for more info on what is available.

8.  Can you play cocktail/dinner music before the dance floor is officially opened?

Our DJ’s select music to play for your guests as they arrive at the reception, all the way through dinner and all night from the first dance to the last.

9.  Do you have backup equipment?

We have backup equipment and support staff on standby, however this is very rarely needed.

10.  We’re expecting about 80 people, does this influence anything?

We can provide you a professional and reliable, DJ Entertainment, Pro PA Sound, Radio Mics, and Lighting for up to 120 guests with our standard system.

If their are more than 120 guests more equipment may be required depending on the venue size, the price of the quote is influenced.

11.  Which areas do you cover?

We cover the greater Gauteng area within an approximate 100Km radius of our Kempton Park base of operations, however we are prepared to travel outside this area should you want us to.  Any travel outside of this area will incur additional costs and are quoted on a case by case basis.

12.  What time will your Dj arrive to setup?

Your Dj and assistant will arrive with the equipment approximately 2 hours before the function start time to set up and do sound tests.  While it does not take the full 2 hours to set up, we like to make sure we are ready and playing music when your first guests start arriving.  The set up time is not part of the quotation and is not charged for.

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